The Terminal

In Italy natural gas is distributed through pipelines directly connected to the production countries, like Russia, Northern Europe, Libya and Algeria, or through regasification plants located at the LNG large scale LNG terminals, currently are in Panigaglia (La Spezia), Porto Levante – (Rovigo) and Livorno (Terminale Offshore).
Looking at the main islands, Sicily is connected to the primary network that runs along the entire country, while Sardinia and Elba are completely excluded from the distribution of natural gas and therefore the energy production mainly comes from traditional fossil fuels, such as coal, fuel oil and LPG.

The purpose of the Santa Giusta HIGAS system is to receive LNG from small and medium-sized gas carriers, to discharge the liquid into the storage tanks so that it can be used mainly in liquid form as fuel for automotive, industrial, civil and marine use and partly as a gas (NG) to be fed into the pipeline networks that already partially exists in the area.

LNG will be stored in 6 horizontal low-pressure cryogenic tanks; it is a modular storage system, which can be subdivided or expanded based on market demand.
The subdivision will ensure safety and the modularity will allow the start-up even with only a part of the total capacity in use. The tanks are made with suitable cryogenic materials, which maintain high mechanical characteristics at low temperatures (-162 ° C); they are double-wall type to guarantee thermal insulation and containment of liquid and gas, even in the event of loss of the internal container.

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