It is a natural fuel that saves money and helps reduce harmful emissions.

· One cubic meter of LNG from the HIGAS plant saves harmful emissions equivalent to those produced by a small car (EURO5) travelling twice around Sardinia.
· Saves emissions equal to those produced when manufacturing 2,136 plastic bottles.

for Italy and Europe. A sustainable fuel that preserves Sardinia, a place rich in art, history and natural environments, as an alternative energy source to oil products and coal.

against global warming and air pollution. 

Global warming and air pollution are very important issues that involve everyone both as a responsibility and as a consequence of our actions. LNG is a substitute fuel for diesel oil and coal, and undoubtedly represents one of the most efficient  solutions to meet the new emission regulations, which have become increasingly stringent.

HIGAS s.r.l.

Sardinian Natural Energy

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Industrial purpose fuels Raw material Tax Final price Generated Energy (MWh) Price for energy unit (EUR/MWh)
Diesel – 1000 liters (835 kg)  616,62 617,4 1234,02 9,49 130,08
LPG – 1000 liters (600 kg) 388,17 147,27 535,44 8,34 64,20

Thin Oil LSC 1%S (1000 kg)

 616,62 617,4 1234,02 9,49 67,56

HFO LSC (1000 kg)

464,94 31,39 496,33 11,63 42,68
LNG (1000 kg)  468,40 17,58 485,98 15,12 32,14


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