Industry / 1

Industries that operate heat treatments of each type, for the production of steam or directly using combustion fumes

Industry / 2

Industries that by combining heat and electricity requirements can find the most effective solution in cogeneration supplying both energy media

Civil customers

Through distribution networks, natural gas can be distributed to houses, where it can be used for cooking, for sanitary water and for heating homes and buildings used for any purpose, such as offices, hospitals, schools, etc.


The new trucks powered by liquid methane are growing in numbers: they can combine high power, very low polluting emissions, very low noise pollution, and a significant saving on fuel costs. Furthermore, the gasified LNG can be used in private cars, offering the cheapest alternative to traditional fuels

Power production

As the phase out of coal is becoming reality LNG is becoming increasingly attractive. Natural gas can immediately replace coal cutting over 40% of CO2 emissions and globally there gas infrastructure is generally well developed or under development to ensure its availability until renewable sources are mature enough to cover all the power demand.

Integration with renewable sources

LNG is totally interchangeable and can be mixed in any proportion with biomethane coming from renewable sources. This characteristic allows for a gradual and progressive replacement of the fossil LNG with the more sustainable biomethane, without new updates or adaptations in technologies and plants.